Monday, January 21, 2008

Fighting Censorship.

This past semester, Creative Arts students were given a photography assignment - to edit and create a 12-15 image book containing unified images of similar color, contrast, attributes, ideas and overall theme. Being one of said students, I decided to go for something real. As an aspiring photographer and make up artist I had hoped for something creative, yet individually revolutionary and still portraying that "togetherness" very visibly. I came up with the 'Fighting Censorship' series. 36 individuals asked to choose a word that describes themselves, who they are, what they like, or even what they aspire to be, written in their own writing on a piece of duct tape, taped over their mouths. The idea was simple, yet filled with depth. The point I was trying to relay? A visual representation that people all over the world are being censored and misjudged, whether it be due to their attire, language, race, style, ideas or even because they are simply not given the chance to speak. Personally? I feel that good photography not only looks good, but the message behind it is interesting, clear, and most of all powerful. Have a look.

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